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0002625Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2020-08-06 19:08
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Summary0002625: New tanks don't have upgrade slots. Fluid distributor and pipes not pulling from them.
DescriptionThe new tanks (bronze, iron, steel, iridium) cannot be drained using a fluid distributor or pipes, and do not have any upgrades slots for ejector upgrades, making them pretty much impossible to use. Please remedy this soon, especially since the legacy tank has no recipe anymore!
Steps To ReproduceGo into version 170 of IC2 and place down any of the new tanks and try to do the things I described.
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-10-20 01:31


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2019-10-20 07:51

reporter   ~0006162

Just use pipes and pump attachments.


2020-08-06 19:08

reporter   ~0006275

Any update on the issue? Pumping is at least more expensive than using straight tank upgrades.
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