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0002686Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2020-04-27 04:36
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Summary0002686: Industrial Wires and IC2 causing serious E-NET connectivity errors on Servers
DescriptionThe mod Industrial Wires which is designed to be compatible to IC2 has been having some issues when it comes to wire connectivity once chunks are unloaded. This issue only occurs on servers and on any IC2 release (industrialcraft-2-2.8-170) and above. An error will pop up in the servers console specifying that a tile entity is causing issues with iC2's E-net connectivity after unloading and reloading a chunk with IC2 wires connected to an IC2 machine within this said chunk. After this error occurs, I have to break and replace the wire connector from industrial wires for electricity to start transferring again. I've been testing ways to potentially fix this error and have come up with no solutions aside from downgrading IC2 to build 109 or downgrading industrialwires to 1.6-25 which both result in incompatibilities with other mods.
Steps To Reproduce(Tested on an MV-Transformer and Copper Wire from IndustrialWires)

1. Attach a copper wire connector to a CESU and attach another copper wire connector onto an MV transformer with some form of power storage block
on the other side.

2. Link the copper wire connectors with a copper wire from industrialwires and make sure the transfer of EU is present

3. Fly out of your render distance so the chunk unloads (my personal render distance set to 16 as well as the server's maximum view distance)

4. Fly back into the chunk and you should notice that EU has stopped being transferred from one CESU to the other. (or other power storage unit depending on which you decide to use for the demonstration)

5. Check the server console or logs and you should see an error detailing that a cable from industrialwires is causing e-net connectivity issues

*NOTE THAT THIS ERROR ONLY APPEARS TO HAPPEN ON INDUSTRIALWIRES 1.6-25 and above and industrialcraft-2-2.8 build 170 and above
Additional InformationVersion tested where error does not occur - industrialcraft-2-2.8-109 (release) (***"why don't you just downgrade?" As much as I would, downgrading results in incompatibilities with Industrialcraft and Crafttweaker)

Version tested where the error does occur - industrialcraft-2-2.8-170 and above

Forge 1.12.2 ver. 2807

Version of IndustrialWires tested: 1.7-36 (released Jan 25, 2019 on Curseforge)

Personal Specs:

i7 8700k
RTX 2080
16GB DDR4 3200mhz

Tested on an MC server powered by:
Forge 1.12.2 ver. 2807
24GB of Ram Allocated
RTX 2060
Ryzen 5 2600x
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


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