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0002739Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2020-10-22 01:01
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PlatformJava Forge 1.7.10OSCentos Server, Windows 7 ClientOS VersionWindows 7
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Summary0002739: QuantumSuit Helmet blindness instead of night vision
DescriptionI made the quantumsuit helmet in my private server with ic2 on it and when i tried to use the night vision, it gave me blindness. I also tried the chestplate (bodyarmor) and it did work as a jetpack ( I don't know if that is supposed to or not)
Is this a bug? I am not sure it seems hard to be a bug and not intentional.
Steps To ReproduceUsing quantumsuit helmet in mc version 1.7.10 activating night vision.
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Minecraft Version1.7.10



2020-10-22 01:00

reporter   ~0006286

I am just dumb.... I didn't realize that light would give blindness but that makes a lot of sense to me now. Sorry for the bother.

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