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0002746Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2021-04-08 04:25
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Summary0002746: [Crash] grabing an IC2 Tile Entity with the Gravity Gun mod results in a crash
Descriptionas the title say, when you try to grab a battery/machine from IC2 with the Gravity Gun Mod results in a crash
Steps To Reproduce-install both IC2 and Gravity Gun mod
-try to grab an IC2 tile entity with the supercharged gravity gun
Additional InformationForge:
IC2: 2.8.221-ex112
Gravity Gun: 7.1.0
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2020-11-21 02:52

reporter   ~0006287

i already made an issue in the issue tracker of GravityGun mod, but i don't think Ichun will do something, and this crash only happens with IC2 and IC2 addons (excep FrogCraft), so i believe this is mostly an issue from the IC2 side


2021-03-06 14:36

reporter   ~0006305

> at me.ichun.mods.ichunutil.client.render.entity.RenderBlock.doRender(
As seen in the log, the issue is on GravityGun's side


2021-04-08 04:25

reporter   ~0006308

mmm, well, you are right in that point, but i just can think that this issue only happens with IC2 Tile Entities, so maybe IC2 isn't doing nothing wrong but what it does is not a common behavior, maybe you know what exactly i would require to edit in GravityGun's side to fix this issue? (is it an easy fix or it would require a lot of coding work?)

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