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0002750Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2021-01-01 02:10
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PlatformWindowsOSWin 10OS Version10
Summary0002750: OpenComputers API cannot be called
DescriptionCalling component.ic2_mfe.getEUStored() throws an error as shown in the attached image.
A similar error appears when calling getEUCapacity() or getEUOutput()

Calling generic funcitons seem to work, as seen in the image.

I have not tried other IC2 Blocks, not sure if they have the same issue.
Steps To ReproduceAttach an opencomputers computer to an MFE using an Adapter block

Type "lua" to bring up the lua console on the computer

type component.ic2_mfe.getEUStored()
Additional InformationMinecraft version 1.12.2
Modpack: Thew 1.12.2 Pack (Perfectly Complex) version 1.2.3
IC2 Version 2.8.220-ex112
OpenComputers Version
Forge Version
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2021-01-01 02:10


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unknown.png (40,133 bytes)   

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