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0000294Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2013-04-30 18:23
ReporterSpwnXAssigned ToRichardG 
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Summary0000294: Problem with Coolant cells being registered as coolant liquid.
DescriptionThere is a recipe on Thermal expansion Liquid transposer which makes 60k cell
from 6000 mB coolant (6 10k cells), so you can make 6 cells then place it in liquid transposer, saving tin and copper, which is probably not intended.
Steps To ReproduceCraft 6 10k coolant cell, rightclick them onto TE liquid transposer, place empty cell inside, get 60k coolant cell.
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2013-02-07 22:46


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2013-04-30 18:23

administrator   ~0000953

I thought I got rid of that...

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