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0000299Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2013-02-13 16:10
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Summary0000299: empty battery has 3 different NBT tags.
When stacked according to things with the same ItemID, Damage, and NBT, empty batteries come with 3 distinctly different NBT tags, which makes automatic crafting hard. (items identical according to id,damage, and nbt tags stack together in that interface)

The 3 sets have the same id and damage.
Fresh from a crafting table the tag is null.
Placed in a crafting grid, it gains the "nbt" tag, but no sub-tag.
Once used, it gains the charge tag of an appropriate amount.

this results in, by any item comparison methods, 3 distinct object types.
Steps To Reproducegiven that IC2 does not have native tools to view NBT tags on items, no clear instructions can be given. Using the computer craft interface to Logistics pipes, the following can be found:

1. Fresh from a crafting table the tag is null.
2. Placed in a crafting grid, it gains the nbt tag "tag", but no sub-tag.
3. Once used, the "tag" root tag gains a "charge" tag of an appropriate amount, which when depleated is 0.
Additional Informationthis is not the old bug where there was a 4th state, with a tag named "".

other ic2 energy storage items exhibit similar problems.
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2013-02-13 16:10

administrator   ~0000791

Should be fixed in build 219-lf

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