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0000049Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2012-11-26 20:50
Reporteradarith Assigned ToPlayer  
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Summary0000049: EU-reader shows double EU/t on transformers
Descriptionthe same is on storage blocks when they sending all EU they get. It would be nice if EU-reader shows input and output EU/t in these blocks.
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2012-11-06 12:29

reporter   ~0000104

In theory, shouldn't the EU/t be the same? ie; input should equal output.

So EU reader should only read the EU that has passed through, not measure input and output and add it together.


2012-11-06 13:15

reporter   ~0000107

Not if you have a storage block.

Yes, it should.


2012-11-26 20:32

administrator   ~0000316

Hmm, that's always been somewhat problematic. I think I'll change it to show the in- and outgoing separately and their sum (0 for conductors)


2012-11-26 20:50

administrator   ~0000317

fix committed

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