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0000551Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-09-22 10:08
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Summary0000551: [2.0.125 nuke bomb wont go off, it becomes a checkerboard texture...]
DescriptionIf I try to start a nuklear bomb explosion with a flint in my hand, it remains unactivated, and after a few seconds - it turns into checkerboard textured cube, wich can't be removed, even in creative mode. It wont explode, and when I hit it, lava and water particles are produced. If I put a dynamite or TNT pack near it, with the TNT explosion, server crashes. Same with any other explosion near the "frozen" nuke - like engine blowing, any explosion which would damage the nuke.
Steps To ReproduceAlways. Put a nuke on the ground and try to activate it...
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2013-08-30 15:35

reporter   ~0001264

EDIT: If the nuke is loaded properly (plutonium/uranium + industrial TNT) it works. The problem appears with the empty nuke. Everytime empty nuke gets damaged by the explosion - server crashes, and flint on the empty nuke "freezes" it with the checkerboard texture...


2013-08-30 16:03

reporter   ~0001265

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EDIT : 2.0.127, maybe earlier versions too - redstone signal on empty nuke is now OK, now just right clicking with flint "freezes" it.


2013-09-17 22:40

reporter   ~0001418

Latest releases (2.0.195) are good, starting off an empty nuke doesn't crash the game, but starting empty nuke with the flint in hand, still makes checkered unremovable block.

This may sound like request: in previous (build 193) nuke was too strong, but make fully loaded nuke more powerful. 64 plutonium and 64 industrial TNT is too expencive for such a tiny-whiny nuclear explosion like now - in 195.


2013-09-18 21:38

reporter   ~0001426

The checkered unremovable block is a TNT entity - it doesn't have a texture, and Minecraft's default "missing-texture" file is a black/purple checker texture. But because you set the empty nuke off - it turned into an entity, so that is why is unremovable.


2013-09-18 22:44

reporter   ~0001430

I know, but they should maybe put some check if nuke is loaded, then make it entity... This way, nuke stays in the world and can't be removed - I guess it takes an undefined state. At least it don't crash the game anymore. Anyhow I am shure they will sort it out, nuke isn't the first thing on their TODO list :)


2013-09-20 11:32

administrator   ~0001456

Regarding the explosion power there's an upper limit in the IC2 config which will be reached with just a few plutonium, you'll have to increase it if your server can handle the extra cpu+memory requirements.


2013-09-22 10:08

viewer   ~0001480

checkerboard texture fix in Build#218 thx all

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