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0000584Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-11-25 18:08
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Summary0000584: No recipe for reinforced stone.
DescriptionThere is no recipe to craft reinforced stone. Neither NEI nor Craftguide show me a recipe, and the old recipe (8x stone with 1x alloy in the center) doesn't work either. In case it was intended to remove it, reinforced stone still shows up in the recipies for the replicator and pattern storage.
Steps To ReproduceTry to craft it.
Tagsexperimental build, reinforced stone
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2013-09-09 09:08


2013-09-09_11-07-07.png (156,204 bytes)
2013-09-09_11-07-07.png (156,204 bytes)


2013-09-09 09:11

reporter   ~0001327

Forgot to mention: using 2.0.152


2013-09-13 17:30

viewer   ~0001345

use CF Sprayer on Iron Scaffold..wait and you have reinforced stone


2013-11-22 21:09

reporter   ~0001932

But how to autocraft it? for example by autocraft table or by applied energistics?


2013-11-24 22:02

reporter   ~0001941

simply, you don't
unless you have an automation to place iron scaffolds, spray CF, harden with sand and harvest the RF stone.


2013-11-25 18:08

reporter   ~0001947

How about a new... reinforced foam?

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