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0000604Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-25 14:15
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Summary0000604: Nanosaber not rechargable on CESU power storage.
DescriptionI do not really know if it is a bug, but since I can charge the armor, tools and other stuff on my CESU unit, I expect that nanosaber could be charged, too. It simply refuses to take the nanosaber into the charging slot... If it's intended that way, then sorry for bothering you :)
Steps To ReproduceTry placing nanosaber into the charging slot of the CESU unit
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2013-09-16 15:18

reporter   ~0001387

Considering the nano saber only has 40k energy storage, this seems like an oversight. The Mining Laser will only charge in the MFE, but it has 200k storage so it's a tier up.


2013-09-22 09:34

viewer   ~0001479

look Tooltips Nanosaber is Tier 3 ...CESU ist Tier 2 ...has nothing to do with energy storage


2013-09-22 23:06

reporter   ~0001558

but it is a bit silly that the nanosaber has only 40k storage, considering its high tech. Same for Nano suit.
In my opinion, there should be created a new type of armor and bump up nano suit to tier 3 (and quantum to tier 4).

Composite Armor, made with Adv. Batteries (provides slightly less armor than the nano suit, but it is more explosion proof)


2013-09-23 22:49

reporter   ~0001562

Now, the weapon's tier is clearly readable - so - no tier 3 reload into tier 2 storage unit. This ticket needs closing, since this is not a bug...

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