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0000623Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-09-22 09:27
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Summary0000623: Wrong texture after destroying hardened CF Foam block
DescriptionCF Foam sprayed on the cables can be removed just fine. But after the CF Block has hardened, the cable beneath it, it is with null texture (checkered black-purple one)
Steps To ReproduceJust spray some CF over your tin cables, wait for some blocks to harden out, try to remove hardened blocks.
Additional InformationVersion 2.0.204
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2013-09-19 19:59


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2013-09-19 20:03

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Problem is only with tin insulated cable. Others are OK.


2013-09-22 09:27

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fixed in Build#218 thx@psionicx

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