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0000063Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2012-11-17 15:06
ReporterInterkosmonaut Assigned ToRichardG  
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Platformopenjdk-7-jreOSXubuntuOS Version12.04
Summary0000063: Nano and Quantum Armor loose charge when starving
DescriptionWhen the food-bar is empty and the player takes damage from starvation, nano and quantum suit pieces loose charge/take damage. Nano suit pieces take 800 EU/hit and quantum suit pieces take 900 EU/hit. Vanilla armor doesn't take any damage when player takes damage from starvation.
Additional InformationObviously doesn't matter for Quantum Helmet.
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2012-11-09 14:03

reporter   ~0000171

special armor take damage drom everything, including poison and fall damage, but also it protect from everything

you wont die from starvation as long as your armor charged.


2012-11-14 23:30

administrator   ~0000212

Not exactly intended, though... poison, starvation and wither shouldn't be blocked by armor (unless cured by QHelmet).


2012-11-15 06:03

reporter   ~0000214

it will be nice to implement special armor just like vanilla - adsorb normal damage and ignore damage from effects, this will provide more fun and wont annoy soo much, currently single bite from cave spider or single potion from witch ruin nano suit and cause severe damage to quantum.


2012-11-15 07:18

reporter   ~0000215

Nano-saber to counter nano/quantum suit? Nah, let me get some (magical) splash poison II potions...


2012-11-17 15:04

administrator   ~0000228

Fixed in the 1.4.4 version.

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