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0000638Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-25 14:14
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Summary0000638: v195 experimental
DescriptionTreetap won't collect resin.
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2013-09-23 17:10

reporter   ~0001561

I've never had an issue with this, running many versions up to and including 216. Are you using the proper technique, e.g. selecting the treetap and right-clicking on the orange spot, only once, and waiting for it to regrow? Sometimes the resin drops fly far away from the tree, or glitch up on top of the leaves so you have to go find them.


2013-09-24 12:10


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2013-09-24 12:11

reporter   ~0001563

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When i generate the treetap out of creative mode, it works yes.
But when you craft it (with GT, stainless steel) you'll end up with a treetap without an energy bar (either with full and empty battery) which doesn't work.
Don't know if this is a IC2 or GT bug.

€dit: Ok it works, when you load it up in a batbox.
But shouldn't it be full when crafted with a charged battery?


2013-09-24 12:25

reporter   ~0001564

Crafting never produces a charged device; the crafting process discharges the battery if it isn't already. It used to be that you had to manually discharge the battery first even, which was annoying, so they made the recipe accept all damage values. It might be kind of hard to transfer the damage value from the inputs to the outputs of a crafting recipe, and isn't that realistic anyways.

No energy bar generally means empty, so that's why your treetap doesn't work.


2013-09-24 14:33

reporter   ~0001566

Alright, then sorry for the report - misunderstood it :)


2013-09-25 14:14

viewer   ~0001576


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