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0000666Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-10-05 15:22
ReportercuiviemenAssigned ToThunderdark 
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PlatformJava JRE 1.7.40 64bitOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7 64bit
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Summary0000666: replicator forgets ongoing recipe on server restart
DescriptionWhen replicator is in progress of working on Iridum ore, while waiting for UU matter and then server get restarted, next time replicator is randomly set to known recipe.
Steps To ReproduceStart replicator with Iridium ore selected.
Let it fill power requirements to 100%.
Feed it with UU cells (first try to 33%, second try to 50%).
Restart server.
Replicator randomly sets its work to known recipe (first try to Uranium ore second try to sand) and thus finishes its work producing randomly/wrongly selected item.
Additional InformationMinecraft 1.6.2
IC2 2.0.238 experimental
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2013-10-03 18:45

viewer   ~0001660

please try Build#240 (if available) i fix 2 small bugs


2013-10-04 10:48

reporter   ~0001662

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Ok, tried build 240, everything seems working as expected. I have tried multiple restarts, also chosen differerent stored patterns in replicator. After server restarts replicator is in state like before, have correct pattern selected, UU matter and power is at the same level.


2013-10-05 15:22

viewer   ~0001670

in Build#240

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