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Summary0000734: Crafting wrong crystal
DescriptionSince I updated to industrialcraft-2_2.0.271-experimental the recipe of energy crystal changed. When I put the Energium Dust into the compressor it gives me Energy Crystal 30241:26. When I inport it into my AE system it is there shown as Energy Crystal 30241 and as soon as I put it into my inventory it changes to 30241:26. The Problem now is I can't use it in any recipes of the crafting chamber because the AE system always has the wrong ID.

In earlyer version of IC 2 it was shown in the AE network as in my inventory now.
The easy way to fix this would be to change it so that the crystl in the AE network gets the ID of the crystl in my inventory. (as it was)
The best in my opinion would be to keep the crystal as long as it is uncharged with the 30241 ID so you wouldn't have to reconfiger the recipe from NEI. Because in NEI every recipe uses 30241.
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2013-10-17 21:44

reporter   ~0001788

Here is another id bug:
Recipes from other mods have the right ID. So for example Iron Tank Valve of Railcraft uses 101 for Iron Bars. IC2 uses 101:32767


2013-10-18 08:41

reporter   ~0001790

32767 means "don't care about the damage value", so the second one is an NEI plugin bug.


2013-10-21 15:21

viewer   ~0001828

in next Build 278+

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