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0000075Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2012-11-17 15:07
Reportercerabow Assigned ToRichardG  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version12.04 LTS
Summary0000075: Anvil cannot be removed using Diamond Drill
DescriptionThe anvil CAN be removed using a stone pickaxe, however upon using the Diamond Drill, it takes substantially longer (as if using fists).

If you use the Diamond Drill to completely remove the Anvil, it is destroyed completely and cannot be picked up (as if using fists).
Steps To Reproduce1. Place Anvil
2. Equip charged Diamond Drill
3. Attempt to remove Anvil using Diamond Drill

To compare:
Equip Stone Pickaxe and attempt to remove Anvil.
Note the difference in speed.
You can also successfully use the pickaxe to remove and pick up the Anvil.
Additional InformationThis has not been tested with the Mining Drill, however I'd assume a similar bug persists since the anvil is a new block in Minecraft 1.4.
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2012-11-17 10:33

reporter   ~0000222

anvil not registered inside drill canharvest method.


2012-11-17 14:56

administrator   ~0000224

Fixed in the 1.4.4 version

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