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0000076Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2015-03-08 07:46
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Summary0000076: Mode key doesn't work with Electric Jetpack or Mining Laser
DescriptionI can't switch modes with the jetpack or mining laser.
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2012-11-16 18:01

reporter   ~0000221

It looks like the key binding is just messed up. I also use Rei's Minimap (which has a default menu key of M), and changed the key bindings.

I have gotten it to work by changing the "Switch Mode" key binding to anything besides M, oddly enough.


2015-02-19 16:03

reporter   ~0003757

This issue has reappeared and the fix stated does nothing, the nightvison goggles mode shift with the alt key works and sometimes triggers the mode on the jet pack to change


2015-03-08 07:46

reporter   ~0003784

In order to change modes on the jetpack. You must be flying up (default:space) and change your mode whilst this is active (default:M)

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