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0001072Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2014-08-26 09:31
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Summary0001072: Transformers don't supply enough power
DescriptionI made this setup:

MFSU -> HV Transformer -> MV Transformer -> LV Transformer -> 4x Macerator.

HV transformer converts from 2048 EU/t that MFSU outputs to 4x 512 EU/t. MV transformer then converts one of the 512 outputs to 4x 128 EU/t. That means every macerator should have 128 EU/t available at its line.

I put 1 transfomer upgrade and 8 overclocker upgrades into every macerator. Macerator consumes 2 EU/t without overclockers and game says 4294.97% on 8 overclockers. That means every macerator consumes 86 EU/t, which is far from 128 EU/t that should have been supplied.

But actual behaviour is very weird:
- When 4 or 3 macerators are connected, none get enough power
- When 2 macerators are connected, one will get enough power, but second one will be empty.

Tested with latest version at the time of writing (experimental build 480). Also happens on last 1.6.4 build.

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Oops, made error in text, there was no LV transformer. Check attached picture, it shows how actual test area looked.

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