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0001096Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-07-10 14:12
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Summary0001096: Refined Iron is back ... TWICE !
Descriptionclean install
Forge 1177
IC 2.2.504

Well, I cleanly installed the lastet version just to check it out and i was really surprised : Refined Iron. And only once but twice.
I installed NEI to see if it has any use, but nope, it does not.

So, just to make it clear : if Refined Iron is meant to be "dead" please remove it completly from to mod or re-introduce it as in the old versions. It also makes more sense in the way like "it's steel" for the machines cause just using iron is, well, never mind.

Also : it's not really cool that you update so much and don't notice the new functions. It would be nice to see the Wiki updated to current build with all new recipes, formulars and that stuff.

btw : Lead Item Casing currently have no use at all. So allow me to ask : is it planed in further updates to have a use ? If not : also remove it cause it's not needed.
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2014-07-09 05:44

viewer   ~0002757

...use forum for suggestions & notes not the BUG Tracker !!


2014-07-09 06:48

reporter   ~0002758

sry dude ... but it IS a bug if something meant to be removed still exists
why ? cause someone just fucked it up to clean the code before publishing it

btw : releasing un-finished mods ... like early-access crap on steam


2014-07-10 01:55

reporter   ~0002759

IC2 Experimental is called that for a reason: it's unfinished and unofficially released. These experimental builds are provided so that we can test new features and hunt bugs before an official release. These versions of IC2 are builds, not updates like RailCraft or BuildCraft 6.0.16 are.

Furthermore, while you did report a bug, you went way off topic by offering suggestions for things unrelated to the bug and noting that the Wiki doesn't reflect the current build. There's no way in hell that the wiki is going to keep up the EX builds because they can come out within days or even hours of each other. This bug tracker is for reporting bugs and reporting bugs /only/.


2014-07-10 14:12

viewer   ~0002760


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