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0001139Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-07-23 06:47
ReporterKaldskryke Assigned ToThunderdark  
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Summary0001139: Electric Heat Generator costs double EU unless allowed to "preheat"
DescriptionWhile investigating 0001138 I noticed that when I powered a Fermenter with a Electric Heat Generator it took 20000EU to complete an operation. It only required 10000Heat when using a Liquid Heat Exchanger.

I decompiled the Fermenter tileentity class file to verify that 10000Heat was the intended amount, leading me to believe that the Electric Heat Generator only produces 0.5 heat per EU, despite its GUI saying 1 heat per EU.

I decompiled the Electric Heat Generator tileentity class file and noticed that in the FillHeatBuffer function there is a possibility for the EU consumption to be doubled when its "bufferspace" is less than OR EQUAL TO its getMaxHeatEmitpeerTick. This is always the case when its heat buffer is zero, since this function is called from its TileEntityHeatSourceInventory as:

addtoHeatBuffer(FillHeatbuffer(getmaxHeatEmitpeerTick() - this.HeatBuffer));

Consider changing

if (Bufferspace > getmaxHeatEmitpeerTick()) {


if (Bufferspace >= getmaxHeatEmitpeerTick()) {
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2014-07-22 22:49

developer   ~0002851

From what I've found, it is 2 EU = 1 hU. Not sure if it is in fact the GUI which is wrong.


2014-07-23 06:47

viewer   ~0002854

fix in next Build THX Kaldskryke I had overlooked ...

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