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0001146Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-07-24 14:15
Reporteryeganer Assigned ToThunderdark  
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Summary0001146: Kinetic Steam Generator not consuming steam
DescriptionBuild 0000532

The Kinetic Steam Generator doesn't consume steam.

Code snippet:
return maxsteamflow-steamflow; //Which is always zero for this specific return.
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2014-07-23 19:05

viewer   ~0002866

in Build > 0000533 Kinetic Steam Generator implementation is rewrite


2014-07-24 06:47

reporter   ~0002868

Tested it again in build 0000533 and didn't see change in behavior.

Steps to reproduce:
Put superheated in the output tank of a canning machine, together with fluid ejector upgrade.
Place kin. steam generator next to it.
Place kin. generator next to it.

Add Turbine to kin. steam generator. System starts working and the Turbine is producing energy. After consuming 2500mb steam/superheated steam, the steam consumation stops, but the kin. steam generator is still producing kU and the kin. generator continues to produce EU at increasing rate (Turbine is even accelerating till it reaches max)

bug is most likely in the fill Method.


2014-07-24 06:50

reporter   ~0002869

fixed in 0000534 which came out minutes ago, so nevermind ;)


2014-07-24 14:15

viewer   ~0002874

fixed in Build 0000534 ;-)

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