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0001154Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2014-07-25 16:56
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Summary0001154: 'Magically' creating more distilled water than I started with
DescriptionAfter injecting 11mb of water (or distilled water) into a Steam Generator, then using a fluid ejector in the turbine to push the condensed distilled water back into the Steam Gen, I end up with more than 11mb distilled water, and it grows continuously while the machines operate. It is possible to eventually accumulate a full SteamGen's worth of distilled water in this way.
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2014-07-25 00:20

developer   ~0002885

How long is possible? I may or may not be about to exploit this on a massive scale.


2014-07-25 05:48

reporter   ~0002886

I noticed the same yesterday and experimented with it.

From my tests i can say, the problem arises when using the canning machine to put the steam into the Steam Turbine.

I had two setups. The 1st one was a cycle with SteamGen and SteamTurbine, both connected with Mekanism Pipes. The distilled water inside the SteamGen stayed constant.

Then i replaced both Pipes with 2 Canning Machines (1st bottled the steam and send it to 2nd one, the 2nd one drained the cells and output to the SteamTurbine. Then the amount of distilled water inside the SteamGen started growing.

You can do a simple experiment. Just use a Canning Machine and place 64 (superheated)steam inside and change mode to drain from cell into tank. Insert Fluid ejector and place SteamTurbine next to it(insert Turbine). When everything is done, there should be 128mb of distilled water in the Turbine.


2014-07-25 09:14

reporter   ~0002887

I wasn't using a canning machine. Direct machine to machine with a fluid ejector.


2014-07-25 10:46

reporter   ~0002888

I was able to reproduce the using a Fluid Regulator to inject the steam into the Kinetic Steam Generator


2014-07-25 16:56

viewer   ~0002890

fix in Build 0000536

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