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0001171Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-07-28 21:09
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001171: More Iron Fence Things
DescriptionFirst, all bugs involving the iron fence connecting to wood and nether brick fences have been fixed and thanks for that.

Now, for the actual problem. Normal wooden and nether brick fence lets you walk right up to it until you'd be walking through them. IC2's iron fence however, only lets you walk as far as the hitbox you see when you look at them. Meaning with certain set ups, mainly them turning corners, you can't actually walk into them, only into the square hitbox. This therefore stops you from walking into the corner of the fence.
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2014-07-28 18:44


Fence collison bug.png (424,138 bytes)


2014-07-28 18:55

developer   ~0002935

Another example of this is if you make a 2 by 2 of wood or nether brick fences, as you can drop in-between into the hole. Trying to do this with iron fences results in you only being able to walk on the top of them.


2014-07-28 18:58


Fence collison bug example.png (53,779 bytes)   
Fence collison bug example.png (53,779 bytes)   


2014-07-28 21:09

viewer   ~0002936

iron fence are not wooden or nether fences bit different mechanic is possible AND NOT A BUG

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