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0001179Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-07-30 08:29
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001179: Upgrading
DescriptionAs great as the new upgrade mechanic is now, there are a few issues.

The advanced miner has 4 upgrade slots, yet it can only accept 2 upgrade types
Trying to shift click upgrades into a recycler puts them into the recycle slot, rather than the upgrade ones, while with every other machine, shift clicking an upgrade automatically puts it in the upgrade slots.
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2014-07-29 16:24

reporter   ~0002944

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IIRC the recycler has always had that issue. I know I've accidentally recycled 10+ overclocker upgrades in the years I've played IC2. The other IC2 machines do not accept upgrades in their input slot because (I think) there would not be a valid recipe. The recycler, however, can process (almost) anything, and the input slot is a valid target for shift-click.

EDIT: just to see if it would help with shift-clicking, I tried putting IC2:overclockerUpgrade in the Recycler Blacklist section of the .ini. Sadly, the game throws an NPE on launch... which is odd because the function that threw the NPE (ic2.core.BasicListRecipeManager.contains( explicitly checks for null. I also checked the log for any messages of "Invalid itemstack in recycler inputs detected." but there were none.


2014-07-30 08:29

viewer   ~0002948

fixed in Build 0000544

fix shift-click Overclocker Bug..

4 upgrade slots are default if Gui have place (future-proof)

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