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0001182Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-08-12 23:37
ReporterAdapt Assigned ToPlayer  
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001182: Improve localization/Vanilla Localization handling
DescriptionThere are some localization names that are hardcoded in mod. So it would be cool if you IC2 Team move them into .properties file. Also only IC2 uses .properties files in 1.7.10 so maybe you consider moving to Vanilla localization? .properties files should be converted to .lang files and all .lang files should move to assets folder. I don't have enough information how to move to Vanilla localization only what I know that FML should automatically load .lang files. Check this issue maybe it helps:
I'll provide some screenshots with localization names that should moved into .properties file.
Additional Information tooltips for all energy storages. for many items. for many items. for some items. same same for Cells. for Cables.
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2014-07-30 16:37

viewer   ~0002955

remove hardcoded parts (Thunderdark work on)

switch to Vanilla localization player take a look


2014-07-31 14:01

reporter   ~0002961

Here was a lot of discus about units names:
So, we decide to not translate units. So, Thunderdark can you hardcode all units names (EU, EU/t and other) back in?


2014-08-04 10:56

reporter   ~0003002

Also, will Refined Iron fully renamed to Steel? en_US still contains Refined Iron but Rotors called "Steel Rotors". How translators should translate it? All things "Steel" or "Refined Iron"?


2015-02-25 14:36

reporter   ~0003769

Bump. Anything on this?


2015-02-25 16:04

developer   ~0003770

Thunderdark is moving house so won't be working on IC2 for at least another half a month. Player might do work on this, but it's far from being a priority.


2015-08-12 08:35

reporter   ~0004080

Can I bump this again? Maybe Aroma1997 can take a look at this. IC2 the only mod in 1.7.10 era which is using non-vanilla localization system.


2015-08-12 10:44

developer   ~0004081

What is the problem with not using the vanilla system?


2015-08-12 12:49

reporter   ~0004084

First of all, LanguageRegistry was deprecated for removal in 1.8( But LexManos stated that he will remove it in 1.9 ( As I know, non-vanilla localization systems depends on LanguageRegistry.
Secondly, .properties files are bad for translators. For example if you are making a mistake even notepad++ will not highlight it.
Thirdly, non-vanilla localization are not supporting resource packs. If you'll switch to vanilla assets system, localization files can be replaced with resource pack like textures.


2015-08-12 18:49

developer   ~0004092

We're not moving to 1.8 so it doesn't make sense to make changes for something that's not going to affect us for months at least.

There's no need to change the lang files anyway, they're in no way likely to be changing in the same way textures are.


2015-08-12 20:23

reporter   ~0004099

Still as translator I can say that non-vanilla localization systems are really bad for translators. I've translated hundred of mods and I've a lot of experience in translating MC mods. There are just no reason to use non-vanilla localization. All mods have switched to vanilla assets system except IC2. Aroma1997's BetterChests also uses vanilla localization system. So, it shouldn't be hard for him to make a change (since he already knows what to do). Just some time and all.


2015-08-12 23:37

developer   ~0004100

IC2 isn't normal in many ways. Morphing from Beta 1.7 to 1.7.10 leaves it's mark compared to mods that have only been designed for 2 versions. IC2 is the only other thing other than vanilla to use the language map, hence it broke with MFR a few months back. Player mentioned about having reasons for using non-standard localisation back then too.

Time is a precious thing when it comes to IC2 too.

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