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Summary0000012: Wind Mill Not Producing Any Charge
DescriptionI experienced this twice (once in SMP and once in SSP) where a wind mill setup will produce EU to start but after a short amount of time, or leaving the area, the setup will produce NO eu. Breaking cables does not solve the problem. Once I replaced all the mills and the charge resumed only to have stopped again a short time after.

I've done numerous extra tests on this and am very convinced it is not an issue of "wind = 0". I created a new creative world just for testing this and have placed multiple setups of the same or similar qualities and some will be charging while one or two won't be charging at the exact time. You can find my detailed tests on the forum here:
Steps To ReproduceThe easiest way would be to create multiple setups of just 1 batbox, 1 tin cable, and 1 mill in close proximity at world height 256. Resetting and then placing the batboxes as close in time to eachother as possible, that way you will be able to tell when one is not charging pretty easily.

Logging in and out over the course of the test may also further show lapses in charging of some batboxes.
Additional InformationI am still doing as much testing as possible. Currently working on a tower of 1 windmill exactly every 8 world height. All mills do NOT charge until over world height of 72. I will continue to post findings on that forum page, if its not locked.

If you need my help do not hesitate to ask. I love IC2 and would love to help.
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2012-11-01 09:56

reporter   ~0000024

Simillar to bug with id 13, when chunk with any machine is unloaded, then reloaded, machines are sleeping. Attach chunkloaders to ensure they'll not go to sleep.


2012-11-01 12:40

reporter   ~0000031

OUTPUT = windStrength * (yCoord - 64 - this.obscuratedBlockCount)) / 750.0D;

Expected wind power is 20

now LEARN TO MATCH, windmild not expected to produce any power below Y = 107.

not a bug.


2012-11-01 17:20

reporter   ~0000035

Based on my tests, windmills produce very little power below y=100-ish, and produce no power at y=70. The first time I started producing power was at y=79, and it was during a storm (meaning the level would likely have to be higher under normal conditions)

Tried unloading and reloading the chunks, did not cause problems.


2012-11-01 18:05

reporter   ~0000036

Last edited: 2012-11-01 18:06

Its not really about tests below a certain height. Its about tests that involved multiple setups that are the same next to eachother, where one setup is NOT working while the other is charging. I have a setup of 4 batboxes all being charged by 1 windmill each. A couple will be charging while one or two are not getting any charge at all. this HAS to be a bug. If all setups weren't charging then yes, I'd say the wind is zero and not a bug. But if one is charging while another one isn't... something's wrong.

As I said, I played two different survival games, with mills located at around 150 and the other setup at 256. Both (after i maybe unloaded the chunk or whatever) stopped working and would not resume working again.

I can produce screen shots of one setup working while another is not right next to it if that helps. I am still doing tests, but haven't had a lot of time the past couple days.


2012-11-01 18:42

reporter   ~0000037

Last edited: 2012-11-01 18:45

I've tested and can confirm : on high heights (aka 256) if windmill calculation would make it generate more than about 2.5 EU/t it stops working.

How i've tested :
Set a windmill at Y 256 and linked to a MFSU.
Debug item : block active = false , Eu-reader = 0EU/t

then i added obstructions slowly...
It started working after some (about 40+ obstructions) , generating 2.5 EU/t
debug item : block active = true , Eu-reader = 2,5 EU/t [and 2.25]

after that i removed obstructions and it stopped generating energy.
Debug item : same as first.


2012-11-02 02:22

reporter   ~0000045

it break into normal generator at 206 or more


2012-11-02 04:25

reporter   ~0000049

ugh no they're not breaking... that's not what i'm talking about at all... its that they are not CHARGING. yes i know they have a chance to break at higher levels but as I said, this is not what i'm talking about.


2012-11-05 19:42

reporter   ~0000088

With more testing: I used the same tower setup, with a mill connected to a MSFU exactly every 8 world height. I reset them all and went for a 10 minute random test. I logged once, left area so it would despawn, etc. My findings are this:

The best level is around 200-208. They produced the most charge in that time, while the top layers only yielded around 6-10k. This is because of random stoppages. I plan next to set up two hour-long tests. A control with no despawning / logging, then a second test with logging every 20 minutes and despawning every 15 or so. Will post findings later.


2012-11-06 12:19

reporter   ~0000103

Also you all probably forget about cable transfer loss, e.g. tin cable have loss rate 0.025 per block => it exactly equal that tin cable will los 1 EU per 40 blocks, 2 EU per 80 block... 6 EU per 240 blocks. Also we have that wind mill can produce variable count of energy. If you have wind mill and 80 block long tin cable, it will loss 2 EU, and if wind mill produce less than 2 EU you will got nothing. So you need to use transformer to merge multiple wind mill packets into one.


2012-11-06 18:00

reporter   ~0000114

Seriously? I know the mechanics of all of this stuff. All of my tests are hooked up to an MFSU at no more than 4 tin cables. Please stop commenting with this stuff, I know how EU works and I know that when I have two indentical setups next to eachother and one isn't working while the other one is, it has to be a bug. Are you even doing testing or just telling us facts about how eu and machines work?


2013-09-22 10:28

viewer   ~0001527

clean up Manits Bug Tracker..close automatic all Bug report > 6 months if the error still exists in the current version > IC2 2.0.217 please report new Thx.

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