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0000121Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2012-12-23 03:19
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Summary0000121: Machines lose inventory on unsuccessful lossless wrenching
DescriptionWhen you have an electric wrench with enabled lossless mode and try to remove a machine when the wrench doesn't have enough energy, the machine loses its inventory.
Steps To Reproduce1. Place some IC2 machine which has an inventory.
2. Get a charged electric wrench.
3. Enable lossless wrench mode.
4. Remove the machine (with empty inventory) using the wrench to partially discharge the wrench.
5. Place the machine back.
6. Place some items in the machine.
7. Try to remove the machine using the wrench.
You will get "Not enough energy" message, machine will not be removed. However its inventory will be lost.
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2012-12-23 03:19

administrator   ~0000552

fixed in build 713/173-lf

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