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0001218Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2014-09-08 17:40
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001218: E-net broken (propably after unloading area)
DescriptionIt happened two times now that the E-net was broken after i returned to my base.
The first time i was in another dimension, the 2nd time i was mining and i think i unloaded the chunk with my base.

The only way to fix it was to replace all machines and cables
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2014-08-06 10:20


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2014-08-06 10:25

reporter   ~0003026

The build i am using it 560


2014-08-06 14:20

reporter   ~0003029

And this happened on a server, haven't hat the bug in SSP yet


2014-08-06 16:41

administrator   ~0003032

Was it only visually or functionally broken?

I need logs/latest.log and logs/fml-server-latest.log from when it happened.


2014-08-06 19:36

reporter   ~0003037

Last edited: 2014-08-06 19:37

it wasn't working at all, so machines didn't receive power.

it happened when the dimensions changed.

here is the log snippet(fml-client-latest.log)
in the latest.log i found nothing but one "can't keep up! Did system time change..."


2014-08-06 21:09

reporter   ~0003045

The previous log was from my SSP world

Here is a log when it happens on a server. there happened some conflicts(@22:56:23 for example) before the actual breaking happened(@22:57:32)

here is the log:


2014-08-07 10:46

administrator   ~0003049

Retry with build 569 please.

If that doesn't fix it, try starting mc with -Dic2.energynet.replaceconflicting added to the java launch arguments.


2014-08-07 12:44

reporter   ~0003061

I tried with build 571, i hope that is okay, too

build 571 didn't fix the issue.

I noticed, leaving the game and joining, restores the E-net visually and functionally, but it doesn't prevent it from crashing again.

Here is a server log of one full test, starting when entering another dimension, waiting there until the world is completely unloaded( don't know if this is neccessary) and then coming back to the overworld. Then i left the game and joined again. After that, the E-Net was fixed and i stopped the server.

Do you need any further testing? I'll see if i can provide a world download where it happens


2014-08-07 13:06

reporter   ~0003062

i just read a through the logs and i was wondering why the EnergyNet is checking for Mekanism TileEntities?

All the Debug messages and warnings are happening when the world is saved

I am confused, i can't get it to break in a singleplayer testworld.

To clarify: there is no connection between the Mekanism and IC2 network.

I need to do some more testing and i'll write my findings later.


2014-08-07 13:08

administrator   ~0003063

Mekanism/UE just implements the IC2 energy net connectivity as well.

Did you try with -Dic2.energynet.replaceconflicting already?


2014-08-07 13:30

administrator   ~0003064

Build 572 will have some more related changes. It also adds the option -Dic2.energynet.debugtilemanagement to get more useful debug output.


2014-08-07 13:31

reporter   ~0003065

Yeah i tried the flag and it didn't change anything. i just added the flag to the server start script i have, i hope that was the right way. Didn't use the flag on the client, shouldn't make a difference, right?

I will remove all IC2 machines and see if i still get some E-Net error messages, if so, i'll remove all Machines that are involved and then i'll set the enet up from scratch, perhaps that helps.

Expect an update later this day, have some work to do now.


2014-08-07 13:34

administrator   ~0003066

The flag won't make it less spammy, it should behave differently though.


2014-08-07 15:19

reporter   ~0003072

i had i typo in the flag the first time. The 2nd time i tested it, it worked.

how comes it, that this happens when the world is saved and the area is not loaded? because i noticed the log spam occures every time the world is saved and i'm not in the area/dimension


2014-08-08 10:16

reporter   ~0003084

I did some further tests and i think that problem occures only with other mods loaded.
I tried to get it to happen again with only IC2 installed and i wasn't able to reproduce the bug.

Because Applied Energistics and Mekanism are in the log, i think one of the mods is misusing the API or something. I'll test some more this weekend but i think it is a very special bug and not something general.

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