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0000124Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2012-12-04 17:41
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Summary0000124: [ FTB Beta A ][ 1.108.71-lf ][ GregTech ] MatterFabricator does not accept ScrapBoxes (Massfab would)
DescriptionBeginning with 1.102 Mass Fabricators could use scrap boxes.

- Mass Fabricators can use Scrap Boxes as amplifier

I don't see any other change log entries describing that the MassFab's behavior has changed since.

GregTech removes the MassFab and replaces it with a MatterFab; their MatterFab accepts scrap, but not scrapboxes. This is not explicitly denoted in their documentation. It might be a documentation bug, but I barely see how it would be unfair to use scrapboxes as an equivalent to 9 scrap. Either way, this is a bug, either of documentation, or of not accepting scrapboxes too.
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2012-11-30 09:07

reporter   ~0000337

This is not the GregTech bug tracker.


2012-11-30 16:17

reporter   ~0000339

Lacking a better place (no a thread in the forum does not count, this was made for a reason) and being an intimate integration with IC2, this is the most logical place for an addon bug report. If there are better /project/ and/or /category/ selections to file it under I would have done so.


2012-12-01 00:14

reporter   ~0000344

Last edited: 2012-12-01 00:14

This also isn't an actual bug. The matter-fab takes scrapboxes, it just needs an awful lot of power to process one (9x a piece of scrap, ~ 35-40% of the internal storage). The matter-fab operates differently to the mass-fab, but it's not buggy as far as I can tell.


2012-12-01 05:30

reporter   ~0000346

I am sorry, I was expecting it to behave similarly to the massfab (consuming the boosting agent, then taking power with it) instead of building up power and then consuming a 'fuel'.


2012-12-02 08:35

reporter   ~0000350

Nobody who can do anything about your problem is likely to see it if you post it here. This is the place for bugs in IC2, and GregTech is not IC2. Post in the GregTech thread:


2012-12-02 20:35

reporter   ~0000353

As monoxide said, scrapboxes can be used, but needs alot of power to be consumed (Gregtech MatterFab consumes an amplifier only when it has enough power to fully consume it)

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