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0000126Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2012-12-04 18:00
ReporterOninaigAssigned ToRichardG 
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PlatformMinecraft 1.4.5OSWin 7OS VersionWin 7 x64
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Summary0000126: Quantum Suit Still Does Not Work 1.109.124
DescriptionQuantum suit is still broken in 1.109.124.

The helmet does not feed you, the chestplate does not protect from damage, and it appears that the nanosuit is the same way.
Steps To ReproduceWear the quantum suit and see for yourself.
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duplicate of 0000099 closed Nano suit & Quantum suit provide no fire protection in 1.109. 



2012-11-30 18:57

reporter   ~0000342

Wait, where'd you get .124 from? The beta thread is still at .113.

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