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0001269Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2014-08-20 00:09
ReporterChocoheadAssigned ToThunderdark 
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
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Summary0001269: Zero Texture
DescriptionZero still doesn't have a texture, are you ever going to fix it? :D
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2014-08-15 20:51


2014-08-15_21.50.09.png (233,147 bytes)
2014-08-15_21.50.09.png (233,147 bytes)


2014-08-15 21:12

developer   ~0003169

Was worried you had forgotten :P


2014-08-16 15:35

viewer   ~0003175

how you are generating "Zero" ? i look in Code and Zero is a invalid Mug and should not happen normally


2014-08-16 16:19

developer   ~0003176

Oh. I've got a booze barrel that I can right click on and get it out. Maybe something broke with that :S


2014-08-20 00:09

developer   ~0003219

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I'm pretty sure it's meant to use the item201 texture, since that's a weird pink drink, so unless that's a special drink I've not found yet, it's probably Zero.

And I looked into it more, it seems the booze barrel I was using broke at some time, which is why it's making Zero instead of Dragonblood (I think it did). I blame Player.

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