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0001383Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-09-08 17:48
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001383: Problem with Bungee-Cord, IC2 crashing with new experimental branch due to compatibility changes to allow hybrid bungee
DescriptionCrash Report

I am reading on an PR for Bungee Cord referenced above. Its about making Bungee fit for Forge Clients, but this requires changes in Forge regarding an additional Reset Package, resetting the Mod List and ID Links.
The core of the cnahnge is when switching from Forge/Cauldron to Vanilla or other Cauldron Server, the Client will receive a Reset Package and redo the Handshake while still in "In Game" Mode. Looks like IC2 is havving issues with this change.

It would be very kind if somebody could have a look into this or drop a contructive comment into te Reference above as this is relevant for several serveradmins ;) using your mod
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2014-09-07 16:14

reporter   ~0003421

I have a bit of extra info that should be helpful.

As of the "new" forge builds (1210+), the server should be allowed to reset the client handshake. See the commit here:

You'll also probably want to see a log of the crash on the client upon receiving the reset packet, which I have here:


2014-09-08 17:46

administrator   ~0003424

This should be fixed in the latest build.

Someone should however look into whether fml's ClientDisconnectionFromServerEvent is being called and if it should be.


2014-09-08 17:48

administrator   ~0003425

Fyi this happened because IC2 expected a fresh pipeline on connect.

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