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0001403Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-10-08 15:41
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001403: Miner / Advanced Miner not mining TileEntity Ores
DescriptionBuild 0000634 allegedly added support for the Advanced Miner to mine TileEntity ore types. This does not appear to be happening; the Adv. Miner still breaks everything except the TE Ores in an area. (And this is after I went into IC2.ini and added OreDict names of all TE Ores to additionalValuableOres.)

Do TE Ores have to be registered by mod:blockName and not simply by OreDict name?
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2014-09-16 02:15

reporter   ~0003459

This was last tested using build 0000645


2014-10-08 13:33

viewer   ~0003507

Comma separated list with ores the miner should harvest.
Format: <name>[@metadata], e.g. minecraft:torch, minecraft:chest
The metadata * will match any, e.g. minecraft:log@*.
Ore dictionary entries can be specified with OreDict:<ore dict name> as the name.


2014-10-08 15:41

reporter   ~0003510

The OreDict formatting was what I was using, and it was not working. I set additionalValuableOres = OreDict:oreMagnetite, OreDict:oreMalachite, OreDict:oreManganese, [and about 200 other OreDict:ore____ items], and both the Miner and Advanced Miner failed to mine TE ores with those OD names.

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