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0001438Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-09-04 21:06
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001438: Certain items are rediculously expensive to make with uu-matter
DescriptionI have scanned a fair few items in the scanner to see their cost in UU-matter. And there seems to be some large differences in certain costs.
Additional InformationThese seem to be all fine:
Diamond - 35 mB
Iron - 1.211 mB
Redstone - 1.402 mB
Dirt - 155.4 µB

These seem a bit expensive for their use, but its not crazy:
Oak Sapling - 79.12 mB
Oak Wood - 49.06 mB
Apple - 52.69 mB
Pumpkin - 88.32 mB

Here it gets rediculous:
Sugar Cane - 4.439 Buckets
Melon Slice - 12.44 Buckets
Cactus - 3.892 Buckets
Wheat - 106.9 Buckets!

I suppose an argument can be made to make organic materials more expensive as they would be more complex. But that still doesnt explain why Apples, Oak wood and saplings are a lot less expensive. Also, it would mean dirt would probably be the most complex item of them all.

I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it looked to me like someone forgot to divide by 1000 or more on those last 4 recipes. So I figured I'd report it.

There might be more recipes that have very high costs, if I find more I'll add them to this report.
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has duplicate 0001699 new UU-Matter, wool is too expansive, 2x more than a block of diamond 



2014-10-17 16:13

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I forgot to mention this was tested in build 648. I did look at the changes done in 649 and 650 and they didnt seem to include anything to do with UU-matter. So I didnt think it would matter if I updated or not.

Was also using forge-1.7.10-


2014-10-17 18:16

developer   ~0003527

The way UU is worked out is based on the value of stone and a set value for iridium. The rest of it is based off how common items are in the world. I asked about this a while ago:


2015-09-04 21:06

reporter   ~0004173

this is not a bug
this looks like a request for reducing the use of uu-matter

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