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0001510Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2015-02-12 20:35
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001510: Steam Generators sometimes cease to generate Superheated Steam
DescriptionSteam Generators heated by Liquid Heat Exchangers (from a reactor), where they were correctly producing superheated steam, after the world has been exited and re-entered they cease to be able to produce superheated steam, the only way to fix them is break-and-place.
Additional Informationconfirmed for singleplayer only
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2015-01-14 16:11

developer   ~0003657

I've not found this :|


2015-01-14 21:29

reporter   ~0003660

have you been using 2 Liquid Heat Exchangers to a single Steam Generator at 100Hu each, and the Steam Generator set to 1mB distilled water and 220 bar pressure?


2015-01-14 21:31

reporter   ~0003661

ok so now in another world they don't seem to want to make superheated steam entirely, so far the only setup that has managed to maintain superheated steam was with 3 electric heat generators which only emit 200Hu anyway...


2015-01-14 21:35

reporter   ~0003662

ok, I seem to have determined its a floating-point-error, you can only ever hit the superheated point by chance, of which any slight alteration in input heat will break it out, despite the core temperature remaining identical.


2015-01-15 17:25

developer   ~0003666

If you look at the screenshot I attached, it's the set up you described with 2 fluid heat generators going into a steam generator, and it's producing super heated steam.

What's your setup, as you might just be doing something wrong, maybe.


2015-01-15 17:26


2015-01-15_17.24.24.png (282,477 bytes)


2015-01-15 21:27


2015-01-16_08.24.25.png (1,576,431 bytes)


2015-01-15 21:34

reporter   ~0003667

screenshot attached of one of 4 setups I can replicate the bug in, and I cant even see what you have attached to your Steam Generator, but if you got one of the two heat sources and took out just one of its coils or heat conductors for about a second or two, then put it back in and it'll likely stop being able to produce superheated steam entirely, and nomatter how much I've fiddled with them there's no way to fix it without breaking-replacing.

but as soon as it's placed, set to 220bar, 1mB, once it hits exactly 374C it will produce superheated steam, and stay like that unless the heat is interrupted or, at least in one case, the world is exited and re-loaded, of which you have to replace it again.


2015-01-15 21:35


2015-01-16_08.24.35.png (461,762 bytes)


2015-01-15 21:37

reporter   ~0003668

screenshot #3 shows it producing steam at 374C, where it should be superheated


2015-02-10 10:25

reporter   ~0003736

in all honesty, the code/design behind the S.G. is utter rubbish, only one set of the water valve buttons are actually useful, if these were meant for steam injection for two-phase boiling, said feature needs to actually work in the first place and you can run the core at exactly 374C and either produce as much as 200mB/t of superheated steam, or its hard-locked to basic steam (which happens way too often to be usable) but you can only produce 100mB at say 474C where its also using extra heat. Not at all the kind of behaviour possible from a real boiler, it would have to be generating a lot more superheated steam or it'll just explode from lack of heat withdraw, why is superheated steam only possible on fixed core temperatures and at a random occurrence anyway...?

I'm also curious if the distilled water loss from a full setup is on purpose or not, it leaves any turbine setup completely dependant on solar distillers to keep the supply topped-up...


2015-02-10 23:08

developer   ~0003737

The distilled water loss from what I can tell stems from loading a world and a steam generator outputting normal instead of superheated steam the first game tick (or not detecting an attached condenser, either would cause it), therefore causing a steam explosion and losing some distilled water.


2015-02-10 23:24

reporter   ~0003738

Last edited: 2015-02-10 23:28

no, the entire cycle looses a consistent amount of water while running, in a reactor prototype I had 6 S.G.s feeding a turbine set which had two powered condensers, it was loosing approximately 50mB a minute, haven't yet tested with multiple turbine arrays.

The amount of loss seems like it's intentional, however sealed units such as these shouldn't really loose fluid like that anyway...

note; the S.G. doesn't detect condensers anyway, it's not its responsibility.


2015-02-12 00:22

reporter   ~0003742

calcs have exposed a potential 60-75mB of lost distilled water a minute per turbine pair, not affected by the amount of S.G.s or condensers.


2015-02-12 16:48

developer   ~0003744

I haven't seen that. My set ups don't seem to lose any distilled water unless the world is reloaded, even then, only for 1 or 2 ticks.


2015-02-12 20:21

reporter   ~0003745

how many turbines you using?
active or passive condensers?
how much superheated steam you generating?
you using the newest IC2 build?
what forge version you using?
what java version you running?
what make and model CPU you have?


2015-02-12 20:35

reporter   ~0003746

line 158 of TileEntitySteamGenerator class; you cannot, under any circumstances bar checking 0.0f, use the == operator on floats, and especially not between a float and integer, more than often it will never be hit.

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