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0001517Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2015-01-21 20:31
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Summary0001517: IC2 Cables randomly disconnect from Galacticraft Energy Storage Cluster output face
DescriptionOccassionally an IC2 (Gold) Cable will be found disconnected from its Energy Storage Cluster output face. That block accepts energy on one (input) side and outputs from the opposite side, providing an energy bridge.

The galacticraft admins surmise that the IC2 cable may be having difficulty determining that the block is an output block in some instances, possibly when chunks unload.

The problem is not merely visual: no energy transports at this point.

* Breaking and replacing the IC2 cable (no effect)
* Rotating the GC block (no effect)
* Disconnecting/reconnecting from the game/server (sometimes fixes issue, pattern unknown)
* Breaking and replacing the GC block (corrects problem)

This may not be an IC2 problem. It has also been brought to the attention of the IC2 folks who recommended that you also have a look.

As per:

An image of the issue can be found via the link on their github.

Steps To Reproduce1) Create "energy bridge": RF energy into Energy Storage Cluster, IC2 cable out of Energy Storage Cluster.
2) Confirm connection and energy throughput
3) Wander aimlessly for a while (need to confirm whether chunks always unload first)
4) Return; IC2 cables may or may be disconnected
Additional InformationImage of issue attached.

* RF conduits are connected
* IC2 cables are not connected
* GC blocks are full of energy

* IC2 cables have a valid destination: an empty MFSU.
* Chunkloaders are active in the area
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2015-01-21 20:30

reporter   ~0003681

Error in summary: I meant to say "It has also been brought to the attention of the {GALACTICRAFT} folks who recommended that you also have a look."


2015-01-21 20:31

reporter   ~0003682

Note from GalactiCraft {radfast}
I am not a member at so I'm not sure if I can post there, but if you have a chance to relay these comments to the IC2 team that would be great:

The Galacticraft Energy Storage Cluster block implements both receiver, ForgeDirection direction)

and emitter, ForgeDirection direction)

On tile loading, we fire this event on each of our tiles: tile)

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