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0001518Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-01-25 04:52
ReporterCronosus Assigned ToPlayer  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001518: Console spam nad TPS going down
Descriptionwe have on server problem with this spammed in console (authors of other mods says, its in IC2):

[22:16:42 WARN]: EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: appeng.tile.misc.TileInscriber@61e62a49 (appeng.tile.misc.TileInscriber@61e62a49) doesn't match the registered te appeng.tile.misc.TileInscriber@3ed365f3, skipping

while is this spammed in console tps goind still down to 1 TPS and restart is required.
this happened always (on empty server too)

can you please help me?
thanks in advance
Additional Informationindustrialcraft-2-2.2.660-experimental
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2015-01-22 02:29

administrator   ~0003687

The logging shouldn't cause significant load. The next build will suppress extra logging regardless.


2015-01-23 22:07

reporter   ~0003690

Last edited: 2015-01-23 23:07

ok, in which build?
i now try with latest 663, but same warns and tps down :(


2015-01-24 05:48

administrator   ~0003691

As I said the slow tps don't come from logging. Check the FastCraft thread out, including the spoiler boxes. Sampler or Opis can tell the real lag source.


2015-01-24 13:18

reporter   ~0003692

ok.. and little thing.. please add for machines (or to config) limit for upgrades.. some players uses many upgrades and this is problem too..


2015-01-24 17:52

developer   ~0003693

This is a bug tracker, we have a suggestions thread for stuff like that.


2015-01-24 21:03

reporter   ~0003694

now this.. on console
i start server without IC, stop it and add build IC 663

maybe it helps


2015-01-25 04:52

administrator   ~0003695

0000664 fixes the crash

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