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0000664Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-10-01 13:59
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Summary0000664: Cannot connect Geothermal Generators to Fluid pipes from Buildcraft
DescriptionI have crafted a geothermal generator and some various fluid pipes from Buildcraft. The geothermal generator will not connect to the fluid pipes.
Steps To ReproduceBuild a geothermal generator. Build a fluid pipe (any type) from Buildcraft. Try to connect one to the other.
Additional InformationI am using the latest build of IC2-lf, which is 1.118.401-lf.
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2013-10-01 13:59

viewer   ~0001649

IC2 1.118.401-lf. not supported "connect Geothermal Generators to Fluid pipes from Buildcraft" plaese use IC2 2.0.238 or >

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