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0001556Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2015-03-08 21:30
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PlatformJava 8 u31 
Summary0001556: Enchanting effect not applied to Iridium Drill
DescriptionWhen you craft an Iridium Drill, the Fortune 3 effect isn't applied. However, if the drill is cheated in from the creative menu, the Fortune 3 effect is active and functional. Occurs both in SSP and SMP.
Steps To ReproduceGet a diamond drill and req'd iridium plates.
Craft the drill.
Note that there is no enchantment effect applied.
Try to mine ore blocks that Fortune 3 affects (diamond, emerald etc.)
Note that resource drop is not increased.
Additional InformationIc2 build 691, Forge build
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2015-03-08 21:30

developer   ~0003789

Just change the mode and it will/should show up.

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