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0001587Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2015-06-04 21:29
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Summary0001587: Invalid Armor Damage application when hit by mobs
DescriptionEvery time i'm hit by a mob wearing IC2 armor (Quantum Suit, in my case), the server console spams this error:

Seems to be related to 0001575, but this time it's with Galacticraft? I believe I saw it mention another mod one time too, maybe ExtraUtils, I don't remember. If I see it again i'll post that log too. Although you said in the other issue that it's just a warning, it really makes it hard to read the server log if someone battling any kind of mobs.
Steps To ReproduceTake damage wearing IC2 armor. Using IC2 2.2.716 and Galacticraft
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has duplicate 0001597 new Spam about armour damage in console from IC2 


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