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0000159Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2013-04-21 11:02
ReporterSmashyAssigned ToRichardG 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSLinuxOS Version3.6.8-1-ARCH
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Summary0000159: Solar Panel output not increasing with config file tweak
DescriptionSolar panels won't output more than 1EU/t despite increasing their tweak value in IC2.cfg
Steps To Reproduce1: set energyGeneratorSolar to a value greater than the default (100) in IC2.cfg
2: start up the game and create/load up a world
3: hook up a solar panel to a BatBox (or another storage device etc.)
4.1: use an EU reader on the cable connecting the two devices
4.2: alternatively, check the rate of charge by having the solar panel power a BatBox for a given amount of time and doing the maths
Additional InformationDecreasing the power output (value < 100) works as expected
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2012-12-13 12:28

administrator   ~0000435



2012-12-14 16:14

reporter   ~0000466

Re-tested in 1.110.137, not working (yet?)


2012-12-26 17:29

reporter   ~0000573

Re-tested in 1.111, output still isn't scaling over 1EU/t


2013-04-21 11:02

reporter   ~0000922

Re-rested in, 1.115.294-lf, still getting the same bug

Solar panel, single length of glass fibre cable, mfsu


EU readings:
Panel: 0 in, 1 out
Cable: 1 in 1 out
MFSU: 1 in 0 out

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