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0001593Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2015-06-23 20:50
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Summary0001593: Infinite power
DescriptionWhen useLinearTransferModel config option is set to true: Parallel connection of the energy sources to a single wire increases the total value of the energy transmitted on the wire (approxiately 2x). For example from 2 fully charged MFSU in this connection we will get 160 million EU instead of 80 million, which allows you to create an infinite source of energy, which charges itself! This method works with all the generators and energy storage from the IC2exp.
Steps To Reproduce1) in config set useLinearTransferModel=true
2) Place two full energy sources (batBox, MFSU or any generator) next to each other with output set to the side
3) Connect sources outputs with any cable
4) Put empty energy storage connected to the cable with input side
5) Empty energy storage will get more power in total then it should

Including screeshot for reference (batbox output sides are aiming towards me)
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