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0001628Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2015-06-29 19:28
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Summary0001628: UU-Matter duplication with Replicator and Buildcraft pipe
DescriptionUsing wooden pipe or emerald pipe to extract uu-matter from a replicator, you will get infinity liquid uu-matter.
Steps To Reproduce1.Use Buildcraft 7.0.12 and IC2 2.2.739
2.Pour 1000mb liquid uu-matter into a replicator
3.Connect a wooden pipe or emerald pipe to extract uu-matter
4.Then there should be infinity uu-matter
Additional InformationSee for more details
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duplicate of 0001610 assignedAroma1997 Infinity uu matter with buildcraft 2 mod 


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