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0001639Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2015-07-13 07:24
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OSWindows 7 64 bit 
Summary0001639: Nuclear Reactor in Heatmode always is active on restart
DescriptionNuclear Reactor with a lever applied is always active after reloading the world.
Steps To ReproduceVery easy: Build Nuclear Reactor with pressure vessels and a redstoneconnection and put a lever on it. Put some Uranium Cells in the reactor and reload the world. The reactor starts himself and you'll have to trigger the lever twice to deactivate it.
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2015-07-13 06:57

reporter   ~0003947

Tested with IC2 v. 2.2.747-experimental


2015-07-13 07:24

reporter   ~0003948

Happens without any redstonesignal applied, too.

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