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0001644Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-19 10:46
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Summary0001644: Cant make coolant cells directly from cells.
DescriptionIc2 version 2-2.2.736-experimental /forge version 1.7.10-
When i was going to make some overclockers, i went to creative and tested how to make coolant cells so i woudnt mess something up. when i placed distilled water in the fluid/solid canning machine and lapis and set to fluid enrich, nothing happened. i did search on the bug tracker if there were any onter reports like me and there was but not exactly the same. luckly i found out if i use a pump(i used a buildcraft pump for the job) and fill the machine in the tank it will work but i do have to use a pump than rather just placing cells.
Steps To Reproducetry to make coolant cells by placing distilled water cells into a fluid/solid canning machine.
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2015-07-18 16:34

developer   ~0003958

You had at least 1 buckets worth of distilled water and 1 lapis dust in the canning machine right?

You can't use cells of distilled water directly as the cell slot is for empty ones to store the produced coolant fluid. What type of fluid cell were you using too, depending on which one determines what to do to empty it into the canning machine's tank.


2015-07-19 10:29

reporter   ~0003961

i have found a easier way of placing distilled water by using universal fluid cells and shift+RMB on the machine with the cell and that will fill the tank.


2015-07-19 10:46

developer   ~0003962

But you are using lapis dust?

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