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0001653Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-21 12:52
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Summary0001653: A chance of steam generator producing wrong things
DescriptionI got a steam generator (boiler) with following settings:
4 Liquid Heat Exchanger -> 400 Hu
2mB/t distilled water
220 bar

At 374 C it should produce Superheated Steam but it is producing Normal Steam instead and makes some nice steam explosion:)

See screenshots for details.

* Creative world
Steps To Reproduce1. Put your Steam Generator and Heat Source
2. Fuck the settings
3. Heat it up
4. Put in the water when the temperature is good
5. It's outputting normal steam!

* Not always. I got Superheated Steam (only one time) when I'm trying
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2015-07-21 06:47


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2015-07-21_11.10.54.png (73,313 bytes)   


2015-07-21 07:51

reporter   ~0003979

you are adding too much water for your bar. reduce to 1mB/t or increase your bar.


2015-07-21 12:52

developer   ~0003980

That should work fine, if the water tank isn't full it will lose heat to warm the water that is added to it, which could well be what you're seeing.

The steam explosions are you not using it.

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