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0001690Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-08-09 14:26
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PlatformX54OSWindows 10OS Version10240
Summary0001690: Toolbox and containment box can copy items
DescriptionSuch as I put two Iridium Drills in a toolbox,then I close toolbox's gui.
After that I use it and quick drop it,I can take away two Iridium Drill,and I pickup dropped toolbox,two Iridium Drills still in it.It's happening in server "KCauldron-150".I not test it with forge server.Client forge version 1448.
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2015-08-09 14:20

reporter   ~0004074

IC2 version 758


2015-08-09 14:26

reporter   ~0004075

I found single player mode also can use this bug,not only happening in kc server.

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