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0000173Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-02-06 08:23
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Summary0000173: Luminator alignment wrong on placement
DescriptionLuminators no longer automatically adjust to ceiling, wall, or floor mode when placed. They always default to ceiling mode no matter if they're placed on the floor, a wall, or a ceiling.
Steps To Reproduce1) Obtain luminators.
2) Place on various surfaces.
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has duplicate 0000106 resolvedPlayer Luminator cant be placed in cables 



2012-12-15 02:07

reporter   ~0000470

This *might* be a metadata problem, saw a similar issue with BuildCraft's lasers (they always faced down until a metadata PR fixed it).


2012-12-18 05:01

reporter   ~0000511

duplicated issue

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