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Summary0001732: Anything to do with rubber costs a lot of UU-Matter
DescriptionWhile Diamonds only cost 33mB, anything that has to do with rubber in any way, shape or form costs an extrodinate amount.

Lapotron Crystal: 1.59B (for comparison, a standard energy crystal costs 133.7mB)
Advanced Circuit: 708mB
Electronic Circuit: 610mB
Rubber: 100.7mB (3x the cost of diamonds)

And the worst of all:
Sticky Resin: 6.331B

For a liquid so rare, it shouldn't cost over 5 Billion EU just to make some sticky resin.
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2015-09-27 18:35

developer   ~0004257

Last edited: 2015-09-27 18:35

It's all based off of how common it is in the world, hence things like wool and eggs are so expensive too.

And all scaled from cobblestone being 1mb


2015-09-27 21:35

reporter   ~0004258

If that's so then there really should be an exclusion list. Rubber doesn't spawn naturally yet it costs way less than sticky resin.


2015-09-28 20:24

developer   ~0004263

It's all dynamically generated, and you can override them to a degree in the config too


2015-10-07 23:33

reporter   ~0004277

and the bedrock is extremely cheap; consider what will happen if one player acquired his first bedrock, then he would be able to replicate an array of bedrocks!

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